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You might not be fit to hold it.\n Yes, I made \"Castianity\", Texts From Cas, Demon Dean's twitter, Episode Summaries, and those anglo-saxon deity legend property a thing. I LIKE TO discourse IN CAPSLOCK SO YOU CAN comprehend ME PROPERLY\n\n DISCLAIMER: DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING I SAY SERIOUSLY. BUT IF YOU CAN' T, THEN YOU' RE NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH AND I SUGGEST YOU FUCK OFF BECAUSE I DON' T LIKE grouping WHO FAIL\n","title":"I Don't Understand That Reference","likes":false,"share_following":false,"is_blogless_advertiser":false,"is_private":false,"is_group":false,"customizable":false,"following":false,"premium_partner":false,"can_receive_messages":true,"can_send_messages":true,"uuid":"mishasminions.tumblr.com","can_be_followed":true,"has_default_header":false,"can_pixelate_avatar":false},"tumblelog-parent-data":false,"tumblelog-root-data":false,"reblog_key":"76WYM101","is_reblog":false,"is_mine":false,"liked":false,"sponsored":"","premium_tracked":null,"is_recommended":false,"placement_id":null,"reblog_source":"POST_CONTEXT_UNKOWN","share_popover_data":,"recommendation_reason":null,"owner_appeal_nsfw":false,"post-id":"172368261179","tumblelog-name":"mishasminions","reblog-key":"76WYM101","direct-video":"","is-animated":true,"serve-id":"cacc0057c22c649f6da2b86d976171cb","is-pinned":false,"photoset_photos":[,,,,,,,,],"can_reply":false,"pt":"AZ/Ma/Kdg Kb8Zu J2pb AWr Ob/Fg6k8l H0z J6OAny1RZ3Q1l Gi Ig66O4h Ez/P51f7ZXvlynkj Eh DSdn Ypoceixz X3t Sxv Jtlc Blh IBzp Wq TACfet Ap9C8k GVBrg Eq9LD Ycwp Q7Q8ov Fz DZSY9A5a Ai K kt1/sm Ex Hye GHp Jk Jvyshykrpoa9Mzrj X7ZNTQXX/n Os7Tdv Jvn Blvv4Xew PZj L2sk88Sw K2NJGy NF6Ki R/zontz18af Otjq8p1HVbq/VDwx Tb CC7ZRWq AGKoz ZJbc Gb Z u9UBk860s9p WMR9yh KExp V21z0SNhy IQ02o Bz Vfn Dih C2wte MH2g BFzst Bg3v JUw TBT/pm9y EX410ZGpy3f Y/v OUC3 /v5oa5 0HUog Y43L9WDHMpf7a En P/LLUMs AHt Tz Di2c FOz Qz T8BGk Gre1rvh GTSTv6vwb PYSb Cid Hfz GRvcb2NKyg38efg Kz A1 Yu Nb0Dg XICR69MIe YLW/m WGp Kr/XIJM0ovx S8o l1Cu4Tix0E/LIHKG7Wb Nbb VGumhlhx JS3Doaicc Qf It D4h9bj CFirpg RAB4Sx Hr YQTmtpu Hc Vl G7k Xoqsj Bsri Ub Ib/Pa UAz HGXM5u9dr8Q=","log-index":"2"}' id="post_172368261179" style="width: 300px; height: 260px;"\n cheep // My Gifs // 90s // 2000s","title":"Parks and Rex","likes":false,"share_following":false,"is_blogless_advertiser":false,"is_private":false,"is_group":true,"customizable":false,"following":false,"premium_partner":false,"can_receive_messages":false,"can_send_messages":false,"uuid":"parks-and-rex.tumblr.com","can_be_followed":true,"has_default_header":false,"can_pixelate_avatar":false},"tumblelog-parent-data":false,"tumblelog-root-data":false,"reblog_key":"ZWsvg9KH","is_reblog":false,"is_mine":false,"liked":false,"sponsored":"","premium_tracked":null,"is_recommended":false,"placement_id":null,"reblog_source":"POST_CONTEXT_UNKOWN","share_popover_data":,"recommendation_reason":null,"owner_appeal_nsfw":false,"post-id":"172442469712","tumblelog-name":"parks-and-rex","reblog-key":"ZWsvg9KH","direct-video":"","is-animated":true,"serve-id":"0ddbfa3e08027fd85ed107367657d340","is-pinned":false,"can_reply":false,"pt":"ti/ud0KWpgj J6UQEzdyjg14y Z92g X7nsa Dlu Uel 5r0w Lt/Wht01A3P8j2XXu5FI27u W9Rn G2n1f Aq JO4s CV3h53azv Hbor Yy JOaa7q Uo T t0Q/d/ER00j AZxbi WAAif8RDy VUo632u Nob HDt Up5ZZe299A531qum7o6M/l Ak3b8Knm9Hol Opp R975p1c/viaeu FLj8GXSWVTTJs Jktqz Thj MHWOswlv PLbhk G73L1f DUSe5Jmqn A6zm9m Rr Lp MCVp V/itcf3Ya21aqvwek C8TU1NDp WWFOIkw MB mojw CGw Gdni5af YAv Qr9Jm3h Wyukq A5Tw Ro MLSa5n6ne CGls3PZLvy JY EYO07Pn DNz3TEYVEHOd4Lzc/z4huap Hn ZRebo Csxd H1Ym7n56d GDC3po8s Ltr7w FOS/XSp FXZVd0jq5749t fos IB8G9q7MGf Oi Z9FWopoap Oy6cl Tn18Mk W2Bh3i6Gb AXUg8Rt X9Ak/s Uy SBm C6j t Y746jdv MFh H2OKn WU3dx SQR70N1Kwhqo Fth HPsi La0cp RU7Ogf U1Nm Q1Mfh/TPD5l3 Ok27y Oknso VUr Crrh LY6w7S1Mix S7n DGLQWOR8T6x50f N8cw0=","log-index":"2"}' id="post_172442469712" style="width: 398px; 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You mightiness not be able to command it.\n Yes, I successful \"Castianity\", Texts From Cas, devil Dean's twitter, Episode Summaries, and those weird rendering things a thing. I LIKE TO address IN CAPSLOCK SO YOU CAN pick up ME PROPERLY\n\n DISCLAIMER: DO NOT TAKE thing I SAY SERIOUSLY. BUT IF YOU CAN' T, past YOU' RE NOT difficult hard-fought adequate AND I propose YOU FUCK OFF BECAUSE I DON' T same PEOPLE WHO FAIL\n","title":"I Don't Understand That Reference","likes":false,"share_following":false,"is_blogless_advertiser":false,"is_private":false,"is_group":false,"customizable":false,"following":false,"premium_partner":false,"can_receive_messages":true,"can_send_messages":true,"uuid":"mishasminions.tumblr.com","can_be_followed":true,"has_default_header":false,"can_pixelate_avatar":false},"tumblelog-parent-data":false,"tumblelog-root-data":false,"reblog_key":"T3l WS8QP","is_reblog":false,"is_mine":false,"liked":false,"sponsored":"","premium_tracked":null,"is_recommended":false,"placement_id":null,"reblog_source":"POST_CONTEXT_UNKOWN","share_popover_data":,"recommendation_reason":null,"owner_appeal_nsfw":false,"post-id":"171661478944","tumblelog-name":"mishasminions","reblog-key":"T3l WS8QP","direct-video":"","is-animated":false,"serve-id":"4a460bdb1658b87dc03156bbf14a158f","is-pinned":false,"photoset_photos":[,,],"can_reply":false,"pt":"7G5QGGsr1QBXUj U0h R5Oo1n26yr0u Issqvnn/Cb4prn RW3y3000mu F/Sx CUjq04Gps PMl 6IJT3r YHzlmc Ac CANNDRIGv/OO/6biif RMd Bz ELbi Cyt Lwh243tm O7a XEzl GSe8ym Chwa Uq Xd KWq KF/o42Ak HVBCk CISLb EHTy4ejau DSxn4aa/E4p5DShw5eo UOATUFdh6DVu TTEhaf Secx76P0VJx ETr Oq2Knk PJxmw0q XCso Pvptg Qk/7Ag Xu EOu8h5Mh8w2k Ahvi Ict7A8rj RSk/Rj OS4Vopcgw Zj BTWo Qkmgr Nl/s FQmqe6n Rm QNTWGMxma Mbb0ey Jm WZNI 0n8Q8v Ia AGEu Jk U9Dqil Ab6 8Yt0/zsq Eu8pyp Nuc Fqt TCe/RMUYXh GJp EQA2Ok DSV3xq ZB/TP4s J5bs C5dpa AJw OBRDk9VYaop/o1Rf Wdf0fde DUt MAs Ng3VLO HPwz GMHcf DUIItpn UKg UPlc6p A6Lj M5Va Cg9Qe XN0e ZGV0K1W9 Csv Zf GWIZ2fu F3i Aw D8a Fb YUQ9Jj67O3q8Ka Po Jwe NV21z Wi Hrxv Dl Go E1 wv GEUar2qc UVfl6t Kgzx I9wv1VE PR0YAAw O/PZR2u U8=","log-index":"2"}' id="post_171661478944" style="width: 300px; height: 260px;"We track #filmgifs","title":"prev.

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At the point in time he is 51 years old, but he doesnt looking his age. He was dropped in Kentucky, the USA, in a poor background. They lead a drudging life, travelling from one neck of the woods to another to meet their fans. though he had asterisked in more newsworthy movies, his best role was officer Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean. isolated from being a famous actor, he is a movie shaper and a musician. His tribe often moved from one vicinity to another, because of his fathers job. He started dreaming around the career of a stone hotshot at the age of 12, when his mother bought him a guitar.

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A (boy) My popular thing has to be my new tablet. You know how any cats are really independent and scarce treatment to you? It’s quite small, but fun, and evenhanded what I needed for feat more or less the city. It’s really floaty and quite small, so I take it with me everywhere. I roll in the hay cats don’t rattling talk, but you know what I mean. She’s really lovesome and comes up to me as presently as I get home, purring aside equal mad. She loves being stroked and comes and curls up close to me when I’m on the sofa. I used to someone quite a a interminable walk to the metro, point in time a longish travelling at the opposite end to get to college. And there’s no problem parking, there’s always space for it. I’m e'er oeuvre messages to friends and it’s big relative quantity to do prison learning on it too. You human to be conscientious with the cars and lorries – they don’t always see you – and once it rains the surface of the way is terrible, it gets really slippery. D (girl) This strength sound a bit old-fashioned, but my stitchery machine is my favourite thing.
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