Overknee Boots Styling Ideas: 6 looks with thigh high leather boots by Fernando Berlin 👢

September 2, 2021 by No Comments

How long can boots get?? And how to style croth high boots? I’ll give it a try and show you 6 styling ideas with high leather boots by Fernando Berlin. 😎 From party outfit to elegant looks – this is my overknee boots lookbook. Enjoy! 🖤

👢 Boots: Model 318 by @Fernando Berlin

Thanks fo George for this wonderful gift!

Jumpsuit from the intro: “Only Mine Faux Leather Jumpsuit” by Fashion Nova

👗 Outfit 1:
Collar is from “Swedish Collar”

Jumpsuit is from “Femme Luxe”, no link available anymore
Corset is from “Corset Story”

👗 Outfit 2:
Pullover is from Aliexpress, no link available anymore
Shorts are from “H&M”

Thights are from “Woolford” and were a gift – thanks!

👗 Outfit 3:
Boots Model 670 are from “Fernando Berlin”

Jacket is from “Bershka”, bought at a local store
Shirt is from “Faderhead”, a really cool band – @faderhead
Leggings are from “Pairadize”, it’s the classic thermal pants

get -10% discount with “Celene”

👗 Outfit 4:
Top is from Amazon and was a gift – thanks!
Skirt is from “Phaze Clothing”

Necklace is from “Arcane Accessories”
Thights again from “Woolford”

👗 Outfit 5:
Jacket and collar are from Aliexpress, no link available
Belt is selfmade
Leggings are from “Pairadize”, it’s the classic thermal one

get -10% discount with “Celene”
Boot band / boot belts are from “Fernando Berlin”

👗 Outfit 6:
Jacket is from “Noir Handmade”: F175 Powerwetlook jacket with handmade pleated sleeves
Bodysuit is from “Noir Handmade”: F169 Short powerwetlook body with lace cleavage
Thights again from “Woolford”

ONLAP – “The Awakening”

All links are No-Affiliate links.
The Boots Model 670 (Outfit 3) were gifted to me by Fernadno Berlin – thx for that.