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The video describes how to check one’s lower extremities for signs of poor blood circulation in legs.

The steps involved are explained in detail and the parameters to check are stated.

Poor circulation in feet can cause pain or numbness. A healthy foot must be warm, must not be swollen and of normal colour as any problem with the above indicates poor blood flow.

Numbness is another factor that must be checked for as well as the wiggling of the foot to test for muscle function and blood flow.

A blood circulation test known as Capillary refill test which is used to assess blood circulation in legs and blood flow of the leg is described. An explanation of what capillaries are is given and then the process of conducting the test where the pinched toenail turns pink within 2-3 seconds is shown. If you experience any of the described symptoms, make an appointment with a medical expert to talk about options to improve blood circulation in legs and how to improve circulation in feet.

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