Drift Sock 101: Boat Control For Drift Fishing

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Drift fishing is a very effective way to catch blue catfish and channel catfish and this catfishing technique can be used to catch everything from smaller one to ten pound “box fish” to trophy class catfish.

There’s a variety of drift fishing techniques for catfish used today beyond traditional drift fishing. They’re all the same in many ways but different in the way the rods are deployed and how the boat is moved across the water.

Controlled drifting is a popular catfishing technique and there’s a variety of different ways to control drift for catfish. They’re again all relatively the same and the technique often is called different terms in different areas of the country.

Drift fishing for catfish in its most basic form is traditional drift fishing where the angler uses the wind to move their catfish boat across the water to catch catfish. Anglers have been catching catfish this way for years and for good reason, it’s a great way to catch catfish.

To be successful drift fishing for catfish you need to understand the fundamentals of the technique, have the right equipment, and make sure you know how to use it.

In this week’s catfishing video from Catfish Edge, Chad Ferguson walks you through “Drift Socks 101” so you can get set up for success drift fishing for catfish.

Drift socks are the foundation of traditional drift fishing. It’s essential to have a good drift sock (or maybe several good drift socks) and understand how to use them correctly.

To be successful in drifting for cats you’ll need to have good boat control techniques, be able to keep the right part of your catfish boat pointed into the wind, and be able to keep the boat slowed down while your drifting and that’s where your drift sock comes in.

Drift Sock 101 Covers
* What a drift sock does and why it’s important
* Common mistakes anglers make when buying drift socks
* The drift sock harness and buoy, what they do, and why you need them
* How to make sure you’ve got the right size drift sock
* Chad Ferguson’s favorite drift sock brands
* Tips for drift fishing for catfish

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00:10 What is drift fishing for catfish
00:30 What is a drift sock
00:50 Choosing the right drift sock
02:10 Drift sock harness and what it’s used for
02:30 How to use drift socks
03:37 Catching catfish drift fishing

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