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Compression Socks | Running & Exercise | Quick Fit Tips Tuesday’s have officially begun!!
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So you want to know if compression socks can serve you well when it comes to your exercise or fitness routine? This video will show you a couple quick pros and cons of what we here at Race2BFit think about compression socks for runners specifically.

Check out our Blog at: to see the full story! We go a bit more in-depth when it comes to the pros and cons of compression socks and if they’re a good fit for your exercise or fitness routine.

Here are the two sides of our Compression Socks breakdown
Cons: 2:42
– Expensive / Uncomfortable / Sweaty / Not enough science backing things up
Pros: 3:28
– Increased circulation / Decreased Swelling / Decreased Recovery Time

When it comes to compression socks, they can be expensive. Like in the ball park of $30-$50 big ones. The good news to that is they will most likely last longer than your regular running or exercise socks due to being thicker overall. That thickness in the compression sock material can cause them to be a bit sweaty and uncomfortable as it will take your lower legs some time to get used to the compression sock itself. There’s also not too much science out there which really goes deep into the benefits of wearing compression socks for injury prevention and overall performance. We encourage you to do your research to really understand if compression socks would work best for you.

Some pros when it comes to compression socks would be that they help your legs with some increased circulation. Meaning that they assist your calves, also known as you second heart, in getting blood back up to your main actual heart during increased exercise bouts. Sometimes, your body struggles to get blood and other fluids away from your extremities. In your legs especially because of gravity. Compression socks are thought to assist with moving more of these fluids back up to the middle of your body to be used or recycled. All of the above can help when it comes to decreasing recovery time after running. More circulation and decreased swelling will allow for more oxygenated blood through your working muscles to allow them to work longer and harder thanks to compression socks!

Do you rock compression socks on your runs or other forms of exercise?? Let us know your thoughts and what else should be added to the pros and cons list. : )

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