Chick Finds – American Apparel Thigh-High Socks – Suzie Latham

June 11, 2021 by No Comments


Suzie shares her Chick Finds accessory, thigh-highs from American Apparel. They have elastic to it and they really hold up as your walking, struttin’ your thang. I’ve tried other brands, but these are the best. They come in a variety of colors, different materials as well. These are a cotton and nylon blend. They have a polyester blend. They retail for $18 each or a 3 pack for $44. I love to wear them with funky, edgy boots. These are over the knee, but you can wear them with shorter boots. This is an example of how you can wear them and rock your thigh-highs and they won’t sag. Nothing sexy about sagging socks. They’re sexy, but not showing too much leg and it makes it edgier and funkier than tights. Happy Shopping!